EVERYDAY THE SAME DREAM is an art game about alienation and refusal of labour. You are a faceless, unnamed man going about his business. The game has alternatives endings. Will you end up going to work and working in a little cubicle like every day, or will you take another route and do something different for once? 


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My history of game design teacher had us play through this game for ten minutes one class, and then played it on the projector.

At first no one seemed to really get it, it just seemed like a daily life simulator with catchy music (the music carries the game beautifully, don’t play it on mute if you can help it).

Then some of the other students began murmuring and questioning the point of the game after a few play throughs.

Yes, there are different ways to end the day, but the game has only one true ending, which is reached after ending the day every way possible.

Don’t judge the game by the minimalist graphics and simple gameplay mechanics. Every Day the Same Dream is a brilliantly crafted and for some a highly therapeutic experience.

Things you do one day can and often will affect the following days, (your wife leaves you, the homeless man vanishes, you lose your job, etc.) Until you’re left with only one final option, which I won’t spoil.

To paraphrase my professor, this game makes you look for a deeper meaning, not just in the game but also in yourself. It takes you to a place within yourself you need to be to understand yourself and how you interact with the real world.
Play it all the way through and see for yourself.

I think everyone needs to hear this

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Precious characters. 

I hope to do something similar with Korra

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y’all motherfuckers want a fire elsa so bad but you dont even realize that already exists


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I want to be one of those people who does yoga and eats berries for breakfast, but I’m one of those people who stays in bed until 4 pm and eats pizza. 

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tumblr is just so whipped when it comes to natalie dormer

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René Jules LaliqueCollaret, Gold, enamel, diamonds, ca. 1900

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Point and Shoot
Nautilus Magazine

I made this piece for an online article about Lagrange points. I wanted to make a simple image that would help readers visualize the points (they resemble “the points of a drawn bow”) as they read the article. I was working on this at the same time as my Station Zero piece, so I was neck-deep in vintage sci-fi art reference. :)

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"Numbers are as close as we get to the handwriting of god." 

Meta comic - I wanted to explore my headcanon for Hermann’s unique sense of faith. 

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Someone did it. Someone finally portrayed me perfectly in a single 6 second video.

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fun date idea:

take me to comic con

drop me off


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"I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream."

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Van Gogh - Roses, detail

Van Gogh - Roses, detail

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